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Love Rescue 001 certified organic all-in-one household cleaner (4kg) + 1 empty spray bottle

agape nature

Love Rescue 001 certified organic all-in-one household cleaner (4kg) + 1 empty spray bottle

Ingredients: aqua, lauryl glucoside (derived from coconut), natural sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate (derived from coconut), sodium chloride solution (rock salt), caprylyl glucoside (derived from coconut), lemon extract, aloe vera extract.

This product is certified organic, concentrated, colourless, and fragrance-free.

  • removes wax and pesticides on fruits and vegetables
  • cleans and sanitises¬†baby pacifiers, milk bottles, and toys
  • removes 99.9% of bacteria (e.coli,¬†candida albicans, pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus)
  • cuts grease and deodorises¬†
  • multipurpose: handwashing, dishwashing, cleaning yoga mats, bathroom and kitchen.
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Est. 2020

Founded in Singapore

agape nature is born from our love for mother nature and all the beautiful creations on earth. We endeavor to formulate natural products of the highest standard for the greater good of nature and humankind. 

Océane Yang | Founder

Océane’s career in environmental sustainability began in 2011 when she was finding her purpose in life and found her calling in advocating sustainability through arts and culture. 

Having worked for various sustainable forums around the world and learning from foremost environmental experts, scientists, and cultural leaders, Océane aspires to leverage the power of art, culture, and creativity to address social and environmental issues.

Fuelled by her love to protect mother nature and the community from toxic pollutants, Océane initiated the #pesticidefree campaign in 2015 and #loverescue001 movement in 2020 to raise awareness about the negative impact of pesticides on human health and biodiversity; and had since delivered more than 50,000 demonstrations to inform and educate the masses on the untold harms of the invisible poisons in our daily lives.