Océane Yang | Founder of agape nature

 Impassioned by Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, Océane reflected on the indiscriminate use of synthetic pesticides and its effects on our soil and water, wildlife populations, and human health. Henceforth, she aspired to raise public awareness on the dangers of synthetic chemicals and actualise solutions to effectively neutralise pesticides and environmental poisons in our daily lives.

Driven by a deep desire to protect God's creation from toxic pollutants, Océane launched Love Rescue 001 in 2020 to draw attention to the negative impacts of pesticides on human health and biodiversity. Since then she has delivered more than 50,000 demonstrations to inform and educate the masses on the untold harms of invisible poisons that exist around us, and continues to conceive product ideas to lighten our society’s toxic load.

With a keen aesthetic sense and love for functional product design, Océane delights in innovating functional eco-products that bring joy to our everyday lives, and harnessing the power of art and creativity in addressing environmental issues.