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Salt Rescue 004 non-toxic disinfectant solution (1000ml)

Salt Rescue 004 is a non-toxic aqueous chlorine dioxide that is generated using salt and pure water. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) disinfects through oxidation, a process that denatures the cellular structure of bacteria and microbes, rendering them inactive. 
Ingredients: pure water, sodium chlorite (inert)
Active ingredient: 0.1% w/v available chlorine dioxide 

This product is concentrated, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and fragrance-free. 

  • safe for babies and pet animals
  • free of harmful chemicals, alcohol, and fragrance
  • eliminates >99.9% germs and bacteria 
  • evaporates without any residue or trace
  • does not cause dry or cracked skin
  • no sticky feeling after application
  • concentrated - needs to be diluted 1:9 (mix 1 part salt rescue 004 with 9 parts water)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shikee Ng
Salt rescue 004

My helper is very very happy with the product that I order.

Margaret Lee
Highly recommended!

I use it disinfect all grocery packs, food deliveries and parcels for extra safety. With the aid of a nano spray, we mist on many high touch areas (except electrical points). It works like a charm on shoe racks and helps in deodorising the bathrooms.  

Dries fast!

I've known about salt disinfection a while ago so I was really excited about trying this product out. The trick with salt disinfectants is that you need the solution to stay on the surface long enough to have the effect, which could be troublesome if you use it on your hands. Fortunately the Salt Rescue 004 dries really quickly in the hands! I'd just spread the solution all around my hands and shake them around for 5 seconds and they're practically dry! Non-drying too!

Karen Chen
Easy and leaves no residue

Just started using for over a week. Happy with it so far. It’s convenient and feels just like water so leaves no sticky residue. Gives me a peace of mind knowing that it’s safe for my baby. I have the handy 100ml bottle to spray around the house, spray baby’s limbs after a playground session, onto shoes, bags when we get home and our dining chair cushions after guests leave. Will probably get a few more 100ml bottles so I can leave them around the house, in my bag and car.

Marie Tay
Amazing product - Salt Rescue 004

When I first received my 004 spray bottle.. I got sudden super itch on my arm and just nice I tried spraying on the itch area and within short time the itch stops.. I was blown away.. coz usually my itch don't stop so fast.
Last night I had itch again on my face.. I went to spray 004 and again it works magically 🥰
Yesterday evening my son back was itchy after shower and had many little bumps. I sprayed 004 spray x 3 times within like 30mins.. each spray I see the bumps getting smaller and smaller till he didn't complain about the itch..
All thanks to 004 spray 😍

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