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Love Rescue 001 certified organic multi-purpose (1kg) + 1 empty spray bottle

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Ingredients: aqua, lauryl glucoside (derived from coconut), natural sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate (derived from coconut), sodium chloride solution (rock salt), caprylyl glucoside (derived from coconut), lemon extract, aloe vera extract.

This product is certified organic, concentrated, colourless, and fragrance-free.

  • removes wax and up to 100% pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables
  • cuts grease and deodorises
  • cleans and sanitises baby pacifiers, milk bottles, and toys
  • contains antimicrobial properties: eliminates >99.9% of germs and bacteria (e.coli, candida albicans, pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus)
  • eliminates 99.99% enveloped virus (sars-cov-2, influenza, hepatitis b and c, and ebola virus) in 1 minute
  • multipurpose: handwashing, dishwashing, cleaning exercise mats, bathroom and kitchen
  • can be diluted into 12 x 500ml spray bottles
  • download dilution guide
  • download test certifications


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Been recommending it to people!

I discovered this brand whilst on Esse’s IG feed. I decided to give this a go. I’m really loving it!! I used to just haphazardly rinse my fruits and veg, but now, everything has to be soaked in the awesome Love Rescue. It really gets rid of a ton of pesticide and grim you never expect was on your food! And i also love that it’s multipurpose. It may seem expensive, but it’s really value for money because a little goes a long long long way. 110% would repurchase!

Ramani Krishnamoorthy
Malaysian Review

Washes fruits & vegetables like NO other....the crap that comes out from the fruit & veggies & nuts - just amazing...subtle yet noticeable differences in food taste. Wish it was more price conscientious for Malaysians.

Sheryl Ng
Love Rescue 001 + Empty Spray Bottle

I’ve used this for a week and I must say I love it! This is like a wonderful all purpose cleaner. I used this to clean my milk bottles, kitchen sink, wash my hand and my baby’s hands, wash her toys and wash fruits and vegetables. Best of all the spray bottle looks clean and nice and I don’t have to buy multiple cleaners for different purpose anymore. This saves money and space in the long run. What’s there to dislike this amazing product?

Irene Heng
Best cleaning liquid of all time!!!

It's the solution to home cleaning with great ease! Highly recommended and loving it! Cleaning liquid does not harm the body, really safe and reliable product ♥️!

Ringo Lee
Gift for loved ones

Great product as gift for my loved ones! And super fast response and delivery!

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