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(Pre-order) Love Rescue 001 certified organic all-in-one household cleaner (4kg)

$128 $136

This product is sold out and will be restocked and delivered after 14 October 2021. 

Ingredients: aqua, lauryl glucoside (derived from coconut), natural sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate (derived from coconut), sodium chloride solution (rock salt), caprylyl glucoside (derived from coconut), lemon extract, aloe vera extract.

This product is certified organic, concentrated, colourless, and fragrance-free.

  • removes wax and up to 100% pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables
  • cuts grease and deodorises
  • cleans and sanitises baby pacifiers, milk bottles, and toys
  • contains antimicrobial properties: eliminates >99.9% of germs and bacteria (e.coli, candida albicans, pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus)
  • eliminates 99.99% enveloped virus (sars-cov-2, influenza, hepatitis b and c, and ebola virus) in 1 minute
  • multipurpose: handwashing, dishwashing, cleaning exercise mats, bathroom and kitchen
  • can be diluted into 48 x 500ml spray bottles
  • download dilution guide
  • download test certifications


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I love love love this!

Amazing to see the before and after wash of the veggies. Veggies & fruits tastes better, and i feel so much safer too :))

Karen Chen
Fantastic organic wash!

Love Rescue 001 is a fantastic all-in-one product to wash my veggies/ fruits, baby's hands after feeding, baby's bottles and cutlery, baby's bathtub, wipe table, floor, kill insects (ants, fruit flies, drain flies etc). I used to use another brand of similar organic wash but found Love Rescue 001 to leave no little solid soap residue behind in my spray bottle or sensor soap pump so will be getting this from now on. I used to baulk at the price but later realize it's actually not expensive for an organic and safe cleaner. I had a lot of bottles of harsh chemicals at home and now only need this. Saves so much space as we don't have the luxury of storage space in SG homes generally. And by doing without other cleaning detergents, it feels much better now without the visual clutter of various bottles, and no harsh chemical smell when I open the cupboard where they used to be stored. My husband is allergic to strong scents and perfume including those in soap and shampoo and he has no problem using Love Rescue 001 as it's fragrance-free. Lastly, Oceane is helpful and responsive when I have specific order instructions. Her passion for preserving our environment and nature is commendable and I'm more than happy to support our SG business =) If you want to try just a small sample, I think they have small diluted bottles available to try at a lower price before you order the larger 1L or 4L bottles. Give it a try!

Rowena Choo
Safe for your food & floor multipurpose cleaner

Although we buy organic or bio-dynamic, our family use Love Rescue 001 (4kg bottle) to neutralise organic wax and remove bacteria from fruits and vegetables. We also use it as multipurpose household cleaner, such as for dishwashing and floor cleaning.

We love that it is also certified free of harmful heavy metals.

Love it to the max!

Can really see the difference between washing my broccoli with & without Agape Rescue 101! Love it to the max !!

Amazing Fruit and Veggie cleanser

Use the cleanser on fruits like grape, apple etc, especially those we can eat their skin as well has the most obvious benefits. It gives them a better taste and a sense of goodness. My grandchild starts eating grape with it's skin after the Cleanser was use. Similarly, broccoli etc also tasted much better and refreshing.

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